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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Closing night for the Sunset Fair 2011 season: President Jose Ramos-Horta and fireworks

President Jose Ramos Horta with
the National Director of Tourism, Jose Quintas
President Jose-Ramos Horta participated in the closing ceremony for the Sunset Fair on Friday (December 16), enjoying an evening of local entertainment and handing out Certificates of Appreciation to some of the 2011 season's outstanding stallholders.  Style Band, a new Timorese ensemble, played a good repertoire of classic hits, whilst Cultura Millennium Tais performed a programme of traditional Timorese dances. 

The 2011 Sunset Fair season has been notable for improvements in facilities on the ground, increased public attendance and some exciting entertainment, including movies from Cinema Lorosa'e. Certificates of Appreciation for 2011 were awarded to Belle Kria for Creativity in Handicrafts, Billfish Restaurant for Best Promotion of Local Foods and Venture Hotel for best attraction for children. The Maubara basket industry was also given a special certificate for their dedication to the Sunset Fair; the basket ladies have maintained their enthusiasm and creativity in spite of having to spend more than 2 hours travelling every week to participate. Camara Enterprises was given an award for achievements in the management of the Sunset Fair, in recognition of  improvements to infrastructure and entertainment in particular. 

Once the closing ceremonial was complete, Camara Enterprises also laid on one last, spectacular surprise: a beautiful fireworks display that lit up the sky around Kristu Rei, as a fitting end to a great Sunset Fair season. See you next year!  

A spectacular final sunset on closing night

Style Band

Free balloons for the children
Head of Tourism Promotion
Aquilino Caeiro summarises the Sunset Fair 2011 Season
The Sunset Fair has become Dili's most family-friendly event

National Tourism Director Jose Quintas:
"Next year will be even better".

Timorese talent: Cultura Millennium Tais

Dancers cradle candles in their hands
in this traditional dance. 

A dance routine with a Portuguese flavour...

...and some tricky moves!

The Sunset Fair's beloved bouncy castle
Thank you, Venture Hotel

Billfish restaurateur Ugo Lebre promotes
local fish and produce

Ugo Lebre and the Billfish team with their Certificate of Appreciation

Recognition for the Maubara basket industry 

Maubara baskets:  a favourite with Sunset Fair shoppers 

Belle Kria: Creativity

Belle Kria's stall: new ideas in needlework

President Jose Ramos-Horta presents a certificate to Alcides Camara

President Jose Ramos-Horta, Jose Quintas
with Alcides Camara and his staff