"Park and Ride" : take the Sunset Fair Shuttle bus from Lecidere, near Lita Store!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Beach, "Balibo", Drums and Munchies

The Sunset Fair takes place on one of the very best beaches in Timor-Leste: Kristu Rei. With its pure, white sand and sparkling turquoise water, it's hard to believe that this beach is so close to the city centre.  Joggers often come here to run up the steps to the famous Kristu Rei (Christ the King) statue of Jesus, which looks down from the hilltop that dominates the landscape. At dusk, there is often a cluster of sports fishermen casting their lines from the rocks at the bottom of the hill - if they're lucky, they'll hook a tuna. If not, they can always get a delicious fish dinner at Ugo Lebre's popular "Billfish" restaurant, which serves up locally-caught seafood with style. The Sunset Fair location is its greatest asset: why not take advantage of the scenery, come down early, bring a couple of deck chairs and have a meal on the beach whilst the children play? 

This week, some of the Arte Moris drummers came down to add a bit of rhythm to the proceedings. Their traditional Timorese drum beats drew customers to the stall, which sells original artworks, cards and very cool t-shirts printed with original Arte Moris designs. They also set up a collection box for donations to go towards the cost of running this free art school, which has become a much-loved institution in Dili and a tourism attraction in its own right. 

At this week's Sunset Fair everyone seemed to be munching: popcorn, satay, ice cream, rissoles, burgers, katupa rice packets.... there's a snack or a meal to suit all tastes, with smoothies, fresh juices, icy cold beer, sangria and wine to wash it all down. 

With dinner out of the way, it was time to settle down to a movie: this week the much-anticipated film "Balibo", which has been a real blockbuster at Cinema Lorosa'e's free movie screenings around the country.  

Blue skies, white sands

A walk on the beach, misty hills above Dili

Someone should open up a Sunset Fair stall selling buckets and spades!

Jesus looks down from the hilltop

THIS is why it's called the Sunset Fair!

Wilson models an Arte Moris t-shirt and learns some Timorese rhythms

TGIF! The crowds gather for Sunset Fair sundowners

Let the munching commence! Satay, fried chicken, katupa....

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!

Popcorn and a movie from Cinema Lorosa'e

Happy customers at the Billfish restaurant

Making salsa the traditional way

The one that DIDN'T get away: locally-caught tuna steaks

Decisions, decisions... what to eat next?

Cure that snack attack! Rissoles and samosas

Haleluja! The Maubara minibus that brings down the baskets every week

Photographer Daniel Groshong and friends enjoy a drink

Dive tourists having a well-earned beer

Look what I bought!

Renowned "Friend of Timor" Robb Wesley-Smith on a visit to his favourite
country with Tourism expert Christine Cabasset and
 Maria do Ceu Lopes (Federer), co-founder of Timor Aid

Sunset Fair regulars Lisa and Milissa:
should we bring in frequent flyer points?

A budding Sunset Fair entertainer

Quality time with Daddy

Say it with flowers

Hand-thrown Manatuto terracotta pots

Alola Foundation's multilingual language cards for kids

Arte Moris drummers raise funds: buskers are welcome

The Cinema Lorosa'e projectionist screens "Balibo"

Thanks to Hiro Motor Cycle for sponsoring this week's Bouncy Castle!