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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Would you like a stall at the Sunset Fair? Criteria for participants.

The three key values:
Diversity – Creativity – Quality
Objectives of the Sunset Fair
The Sunset Fair aims to create a showcase for all that is best in Timor-Leste’s local products, handicrafts, culture and entertainment.  Not all of the businesses in this country are ready to operate at this level and one of the key objectives of the Sunset Fair is to create a market for the best business (and cultural) performers to set out their wares and to represent Timor- Leste on a regular basis at an event for foreign and domestic tourists.  Space is limited and participants are expected to pay stall or performance fees (although these will be waived for opening night on September 11th) and provide their own equipment.  MTCI provides the space, the event publicity, the tent, the water and electricity supply. The traders do the rest for themselves and if they offer diversity, creativity and quality, they will reap the financial and promotional rewards offered by the Sunset Fair.  A small number of stalls are reserved for international participants: the reason for this is to help national traders develop our three key values by setting an example.  A key piece of advice for Sunset Fair participants is to specialize: select your best products, focus on them and do not attempt to sell the whole range of items available in your main business. In this way, the Sunset Fair will serve as a “shop window” to promote your company’s activity and increase day-to-day trade.
The Sunset Fair is primarily a recreational event for family entertainment: any product or performance that is especially suitable for children will find special favour.
Criteria for participants
Initially, the Sunset Fair will offer 36 stalls (6 pavilions and 30 tented areas, approx. 3.5mt x 3.5mt) to participants.
They will be divided up as follows:
·         26 spaces for National traders (21 tents and 5 pavilions)
·         10 spaces for International traders (9 tents and 1 pavilion).
Entertainers will share the performance arena, in successive performances (larger groups requiring amplification), and some (buskers, acrobats, etc.) will be given non-tented “pitches” within the Sunset Fair compound.   These spaces will be allocated similarly to the stalls, with a majority of Timorese performers and a small quota of internationals.  Criteria for performers will be drawn up separately from those governing traders, according to their specific needs and nature. In the case of international performers, preference will be given to childrens’ entertainers and performances representing indigenous culture from abroad. 
Of the stalls, there will be a further division according to types of activity:
-          National traders: 10 tents for food, 11 tents for handicrafts and other products, with the extra 5 pavilions devoted to either handicrafts or services such as massage or tourism.
-          International traders: 6 tents for food, 3 for international products, 1 pavilion for services, such as massage or face-painting.
Stall selection criteria:
-          Timor-Leste based National and International traders must have a current business registration; this requirement will be waived in the case of “guest” international traders participating on a “one-off” basis or other special circumstances. 
-          All traders must specify at the time of making their application exactly what type of product they intend to offer from their stalls. No two stalls may offer exactly the same merchandise; the aim of the Sunset Fair is to make every stall different.  Focusing on the best two or three products offered by each business is a good way to achieve this; for example one Padang restaurant might serve its Beef Rendang at the Sunset Fair, whereas another might sell its special fried chicken.  
-          In the case of National traders, precedence will be given to those offering items produced from Timorese materials, using Timorese labour and representing Timorese culture. 
-          In the case of International traders, precedence will be given to those offering products not available in Timor-Leste, especially innovative or technological items or hand-crafted merchandise reflecting the creativity and culture of the producer (fashion, art, jewellery, etc.).
-          Any stall – National or International - offering products suitable for children will be favoured in the selection process.  (eg. Boneka Atauro).  
-          Food traders must abide by national laws governing food hygiene and expiry dates for ingredients, etc.
-          Stalls wishing to use electrical and gas appliances on their stalls must submit their equipment to the Sunset Fair committee for a safety inspection.
Inappropriate merchandise
The following merchandise may not be offered for sale at the Sunset Fair:
-          Raw foods, such as kangkong, potatoes etc., unless prepared as washed salads, cut, peeled or presented on plates (ie coconuts, fruits etc.) or pre-packaged (cassava chips, tomato sauce, jam etc.)
-          Live animals
-          Products derived from protected species such as coral or turtle shell or timber cut without license, as well as untreated materials containing pests or fungus that is unlikely to pass quarantine inspection.
-          Items of an obscene or culturally offensive nature
-          Handicrafts representing Timor-Leste cultural values, designs or motifs that have been mass-produced overseas
-          Construction materials, except for small tools and appliances that are innovative (in the case of international traders) or hand-crafted (national traders, eg. Baucau blacksmith).
-          Stalls consisting of displays composed wholly of samples of goods that are not for sale at the Sunset Fair, with the exception of services such as tourism
Selection and registration process
  • Stalls are offered on a first come, first served basis but all of the above product criteria must be met. Traders participating in the September 11th inaugural Sunset Fair will be given priority when applying for stalls for the 2010 season. Applicants must submit their applications to Mr Antonio Da Silva, tel: 7410185 or go directly to the National Directorate of Tourism, Rua Dom Aleixo Corte-Real, Fomento, Mandarin. The deadline for application for the October 6-December 15, 2010 Sunset Fair season is: Tuesday, September 14th. Applications received after this date may be put on a waiting list.
  • Participants must commit to operating their stall every Wednesday evening from 5pm-10pm for the full market season (Oct. 6th-Dec. 15th, 2010). Any trader that fails to do so will not be considered for participation in future events.
  •  Traders must pay the stall fee ($50 per stall to cover the whole period from Oct. 6th-Dec. 15th 2010) in cash once their application has been approved and their Sunset Fair Trader pass has been issued. A copy of a current business registration must be attached to the Sunset Fair application form.  No refund will be given in case of withdrawal and 2-weeks’ notice is required to cease trading.
  • Any trader engaging in verbal abuse, physical violence, threatening behavior, interference with other traders’ activities or any form of illegal activity will be expelled from the Sunset Fair.  Such instances of such poor conduct must be reported to the organizing committee.
  • All stall allocation and other decisions governing participation in the Sunset Fair will be taken by the organizing committee under direction of MTCI/NDT/NDI and are final.