"Park and Ride" : take the Sunset Fair Shuttle bus from Lecidere, near Lita Store!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Sunset Fair Stallholders Family on 20th October - In Photos

Traditional Timorese regalia from Hametin Cultura Ermera (above) and a gorgeous selection of tais - hand woven textiles - (below)

The aptly-named Handicraft Shop
Bom Petisco Restaurant
The ladies from the Associacao Empresarios Mulheres de Timor-Leste show off their exquisite hand-embroidered tablecloths (above) - detail below

Arte Moris have some lovely greeting cards based on the students' artwork
Signora Olivia Serrao setting up the display of basket work from Maubara
The Dili Beach Hotel team take a breather before the crowds flock in
Venture Hotel keep it sweet and simple with a bowl of freshly-fried chips and a glass of sangria
Sheilla Caldas and friend demonstrate that the Bouncy Castle is not just for children - it's the ideal stressbuster for adults too

Luis from the Caz Bar (above) is selling oysters (below) like hot cakes, so to speak!

Rocky Construction firing up the BBQ for another lively night
They are called "Fifty Cents".... but they put in a million dollars' worth of effort - try their delicious BBQ squid
Every home should have one... or two... or three. Chloe and partner selling environmentally-friendly solar-powered lanterns. The little ones give enough light to read comfortably and the big ones can even charge your mobile phone. No more batteries..... ever! 
Occasionally the adults allow the children to enjoy the bouncy castle.
Hafoti sell my favourite cassava and carrot chips and fine coconut oil, chili sauce and other great local products
Girasol bringing on the satay and katupa - get there early as they sell out every week

A helpful hint for mothers - buy the children the ice cream from Blue Ocean AFTER they have been in the bouncy castle. All that jumping up and down..... you can imagine why.