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Thursday, 18 November 2010

A great night at the Sunset Fair... Boy Clemens, MAC Criancas Unidas and a surprise visit from the Prime Minister

Boy Clemens performed at the Sunset Fair's opening night in September and this week he came back for an encore. But this time, when he sang the Sunset Fair anthem "Areia Branca", the crowd sang along with him. This great song has been getting a lot of exposure lately. Boy also had some backing vocals from the Timorese childrens' choir, MAC Criancas Unidas, who were rehearsing with Boy for a concert that is being organised by UNESCO in Dili this Friday.

The picture shows Boy Clemens at keyboards, with MAC Criancas Unidas, as the Sunset Fair Patron, Kirsty Sword Gusmao looks on. Kirsty is also Chair of the National UNESCO Commission (amongst other things) and is the wife of the Timor-Leste Prime Minister (standing at the back, beard and khaki shirt), Xanana Gusmao.

Meanwhile, Kirsty (and the Prime Minister) were being followed by a film crew who are making a fly-on-the-wall documentary about her life and work. In turn, they were being followed by me and other members of the public taking photos of the whole thing.
Kirsty clowns with the film crew and takes a stroll with her husband during a break in the filming

It was a good night, with plenty of delicious food, great music and only one very quick rain shower. We were happy to welcome the One More Bar back to the Fair. Gill has become a favourite with FairGoers, for his excellent sausages. He now has a new partner, Rob, who calls himself the Wurst Meister: he makes a big range of different types of sausages and cures his own bacon.

 Rob and Gill show off their sizzling sausages

There were a couple of Sunset Fair first-timers, selling BBQ chicken.... and religious statues. 

A beautiful sunset....

The ever-popular bouncy castle...

Opportunities for some early Christmas shopping...

A chance to catch up with friends....

Grab a bite to eat...

... and to welcome back a Sunset Fair friend and sponsor, Boy Clemens

Don't forget, next week the Sunset Fair moves to Fridays.... starting November 26th through to closing night on December 17th.  TGI Friday!