"Park and Ride" : take the Sunset Fair Shuttle bus from Lecidere, near Lita Store!

Monday, 5 September 2011

A fantastic second week, and September 9th shaping up to be a biggie, too!

Last Friday's Sunset Fair turned out to be a real crowd-pleaser: the LORO Band were wonderful and seemed to have their own dancing fan club with them, the Bouncy Castle was FREE because Esset electrical stepped in to sponsor it, everyone loved the movie "Rio" and the handicraft and restaurant stalls did a roaring trade.

Next Friday's Sunset Fair is looking good too... we have a Brazil theme, thanks to the Brazilian Embassy in Dili, featuring the famous Orquestra de Violeiros de Pedreira (Pedreira Guitar Orchestra), who have flown in especially to participate in the Sunset Fair. The movie will be Brazilian too: "Os 2 Filhos de Francisco", The story of Francisco, a very simple and poor man whose dream was to see his children become country music stars, and did everything he could to make it happen. More news on that later.

Loro Band: a crowd-pleasing blend of blues, reggae and rock
The Loro band fan club grooving as the sun sets

A good night for handicrafts sales

Belle Kria will sew anything you like - why don't you take
 in your favourite clothes and see if they can duplicate them?
Thank you to sponsors ESSET
You made a lot of children (and parents) VERY HAPPY!

The Sunset Fair bus - runs from opposite Lita Store near the
Sant'Ana bridge
Snack boxes - good idea for nibbling during the movie

Traditional satay and katupa

Tasty rissoes

Delicious squid stir fry

"Would you like onions with that?"

Family fun at Sunset Fair - three generations together

A satisfied customer...

Time to rest the feet and have a cold drink after the shopping rounds

Cinema Lorosa'e complete the movie experience with hot popcorn