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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

"Balibo" Screening this week / Last week's photos: 5 de Oriente, Ugo's fish dinner, shopping frenzy....

The movie "Balibo" will be shown at the Sunset Fair this Friday, 14th (in English).  Whether you've seen it before or not, it's definitely worth coming down to Kristu Rei for it: there's nothing quite like watching this movie in Timor-Leste, on the big screen, under the stars, sharing the experience with the Timorese public. 

This season, the Sunset Fair has become THE place to meet up and celebrate that "TGIF" moment... last week was certainly no exception to that rule!

It's a good  place to go when your family comes to visit...

Pets are welcome
5 de Oriente - Sunset Fair's regular band

That's not the regular drummer!

THIS is the REAL 5 de Oriente drummer 

... and this is the guitar player. But they are a multi-tasking kinda band!
Bouncy castle sponsored this week by L'Aubergine Restaurant - labarik hotu-hotu haksolok!
Bele Kria's latests product - even nappy-wearers like to be fashionable

A snazzy kiddy suit  from Bele Kria 

Snack attack! Banana chips and other crunchy delicacies from Hafoti

Hafoti's coconut oil - cook with it, condition your hair... or use it
for a great, stress-busting massage after a long week in the office

Living Art = Arte Moris 
Beachside Hotel's Cathy has a great eye for local art

The Association of Timor-Leste Women Entrepreneurs display their wares

Timor Coffee - some of the best in the world

Gotta have it! Matches your dress perfectly....

That's Cathy again! What an eye for a bargain... 

Shopping advice...

Get your own personal mini-Kristu Rei statue
Yummy snacks to nibble during the movie 

Have a healthy smoothie.. those avos look GOOD!

Ugo from "Be-Dik" restaurant prepares his special
fish kebabs... first, chop one LARGE Timor chilli...

Delicious, freshly-caught fish from Timor-Leste, beautifully served! 

May the force be with you! See you on Friday!